Reading and enjoying Cecil Beaton’s diaries, came across this nice little passage from when Christian Bérard was painting his portrait:

"This morning Bébé painted like someone in the throes of mediaeval torture. He did not talk during the sitting. He groaned, whispered, sighed, whimpered, stamped his feet, jerked backwards and forwards, lunged with noisy intakes of breath. ’ You don’t know how difficult it is! Oh God, oh God! Ah, je vois. Non, ce n'est pas ca! O. Dieu!'

It was both a revelation and a lesson to me. Bébé’s work is the result of acute concentration, making even so lightly painted a portrait as mine a tribute to agony.

After a long bout, he rested to smoke a pipe. I said, ‘I’m so sorry you have suffered as you did today.’

He replied, ‘It’s all I like in the world!’ “